Ray C. Anderson Foundation Leadership

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Leadership

A Private Family Foundation

A person’s legacy rarely ends with his or her passing, and so it was with Ray. Upon his death in 2011, Ray decided to leave the majority of his estate to the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, charging his family with the stewardship and growth of his legacy. To that end, this private family foundation launched in 2012 with a new mission and vision designed to honor the memory of Ray. His two daughters, Mary Anne Anderson Lanier and Harriet Anderson Langford, along with his late wife, Patricia Adams Anderson (1934-2014), were the first trustees.

In 2013, John Anderson Lanier, one of Ray’s five grandchildren, joined the Foundation staff as Executive Director. Today, the Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of Ray’s two daughters and their spouses, James A. Lanier, Jr. and A. Philip Langford.

Our Advisory Board

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation's Advisory Board was formed in 2012 to assist the family in discerning the most effective ways that the Foundation could champion environmental sustainability, as Ray had done for the last 17 years of his life. It is made up of trusted and treasured experts who all inspired and influenced Ray during his life. Our Advisory Board members are global and national leaders committed to changing the world for the better. Each member shares Ray's passion for sustainability and continues advancing the causes that define his legacy.

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