Upcoming Webinar: How Willing are Consumers to Electrify Their Homes in Georgia?

Climate change goals cannot be met without electrifying large segments of the energy economy. This talk will discuss three key electrification technologies: electric vehicles, rooftop solar, and heat pumps. By examining the results of a survey of 1,800 adults living in Georgia, we describe how adopters, nonadopters, and co-adopters of these technologies differ. We also use a two-step decision model to explain the willingness of households to invest in them in the future, with or without additional subsidies.

This research was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Cory Struthers, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at UGA and three GT PhD students in the School of Public Policy (Snehal Kale, Min-Kyeong Cha, and Oliver Chapman). Support was provided by the Drawdown Georgia Project funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, and the GT Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems. 

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