Sudoc Mimics Liver Enzymes. Creates Biomimetic Solutions for Eliminating Toxic Chemicals in the Built Environment

One of the Biomimicry Institute's Ray of Hope Prize® teams is applying biomimicry to create solutions for eliminating toxic chemicals from the built enviroment.

A team from Carnegie Mellon University's Institute for Green Science has been studying liver enzymes for decades, and they've created a startup called Sudoc, to commercialize the research.

Sudoc creates synthetic mimics of liver enzymes that dramatically reduce or even eliminate toxic chemicals that we use to clean our built environment. From cleaning up mold, to treating emerging contaminants in wastewater, Sudoc is enabling nature-inspired chemistry.

Sudoc was a participant in the 2022 Ray of Hope Prize program this year, and the Biomimicry Institute is now on the hunt for the 2023 cohort. If you are bringing a nature-inspired solution to life, please click here to learn more.