Meet Eriqah Vincent, Host of the Georgia Climate Digest Video Series!

With the new Georgia Climate Digest Video Series, Drawdown Georgia will shine a light on some of the many Georgians who are working to bring climate solutions home. After all, exciting and inspiring work to scale climate solutions is in progress all across our state. This is your opportunity to get to know the people making it happen! This week, we’re excited to introduce the host of this new series, Eriqah Vincent. 

Watch this brief video interview with Lisa Lilienthal of the Drawdown Georgia team to get to know Eriqah as the new host of the Georgia Climate Digest Video Series. 

What inspired Eriqah to devote her career to climate and environmental justice?

What gives her hope as we strive to solve for climate change?

Watch the 16-minute video to find out. Be sure to subscribe to the Georgia Climate Digest newsletter to receive the latest climate news and other updates from Drawdown Georgia right in your inbox twice a month.