John Lanier Continues & Expands Ray C. Anderson's Legacy in Serenbe Stories Podcast

John Lanier was recently featured in an episode of the Serenbe Stories Podcast. The episode features an incredible conversation with John Lanier about turning fear into passion for action, why we have to stop the "take, make and waste" economic model, and how The Ray is making waves in south Georgia.

We also talk about his new book, Mid-Course Correction Revisited, that shares the impact and legacy of his grandfather, Ray Anderson, founder of the sustainable carpet tile company Interface.

John shares how Paul Hawken's words drove Ray to tears by showing him the dark side of his businesses and industry are causing the vast amount of environmental degradation we see across the world AND that those same businesses are ALSO able to solve those environmental problems.

Finally, John tells the story of how a simple customer question changed his grandfather, who then changed his company, and how that created a ripple effect on the environment and on Serenbe.

Listen to the podcast here