Biomimicry on The Ray

The Ray and the Biomimicry Institute are both key funding initiatives for the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. With that in mind, we are extremely proud that the two have collaborated. A recent announcement by The Ray says:  "By designing transportation technologies like nature, human designs can create conditions that are conducive to life."

The Biomimicry on The Ray project catalyzes the adoption of biomimicry thinking by leveraging The Ray’s innovation testbed to demonstrate the effectiveness of using biomimicry when tackling complex system redesign, such as highway development in the transportation and mobility sector.

The eighteen month long Biomimicry on The Ray study leveraged a multi-phase approach to aid the strategic mission of The Ray. The study began with an intensive three month scoping initiative with internal and external stakeholder interviews, a review of The Ray’s publications, articles and strategic planning documents, and a synthesis of data collected to guide the areas of focus for the biomimicry report.

Read the full story and download the report here.